Running a business is hard.

You started this business because you wanted to do something that you are passionate about, but something happened along the way. You got overloaded, spending 70% of your overworked week hustling every part of your business, from organizing the books, to posting on Instagram.

We want to encourage you to take back the vision that made you start this venture in the first place, and leave the rest to our team at The Art of B.

Oh hey there! I’m Amanda - Owner and Marketing Director at The Art of B.

Amanda Nelson

I’m always telling people that your audience needs to know, like, and trust your business before they buy or commit to your services so I knew I needed to introduce myself to you at some point!

Quick points

  • I am a single mom to the sweetest boy in the world

  • I reeeeeeally love plants

  • I have a reeeeeallly old and cranky cat

Education + training + experience

  • Degree in Hotel Restaurant Management and Marketing

  • Been doing the marketing gig for over 15 years

  • Owned my own marketing company for the last 4

  • Worked with over 100 marketing clients

  • Always staying current with the latest trends in digital marketing via courses, podcasts, and good old fashioned reading books.

  • Squarespace Circle Member

  • Pretty excited about this: Helped one client recently rock a crowdfunding campaign competition with 20 other women entrepreneurs. Her goal was to raise $5,000 in one month. She not only WON the competition but raised over $14,000. Her IG following went from 100-1600 VERY engaged followers and her Facebook tripled in page likes.

Nicole- Marketing communications coordinator for the art of business

Nicole McNiven

Nicole’s bio is coming soon!