DIY Marketing

We know that you know how important it is to market your business, without a proper marketing strategy your business will not be set up to maximize all opportunities to get in front of your ideal clients which means you will be missing out on potential new business!

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start and how to do it as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We have put together some online courses that will allow for you to pick and choose what works best for you, feel free to be apart of our Marketing Hub Facebook group or just participate in the courses that you want.

What the courses will look like:

2 hours, once a month online via ZOOM.

  • One hour of intense training on the topic

  • 20 minutes of hands on experience

  • 20 minutes with an expert guest

  • 20 minutes of Q+A

  • You will be given a tangible take home item that will be related to the topic and that will be useful to your business

  • An exclusive offer from The Art of Business should you need more help in the area of discussion.

We have a few options for you

We want you to get the most out of our DIY Marketing Courses and have a few options for you to get in on these.

Want to get access to a TONN of valuable marketing information and get in on the courses as well? For only $5/month or $50/year you can join our Marketing Hub, and then if you are wanting to get in on the DIY Marketing Courses you can register and pay $20 to get an invite to the LIVE version online.

Don’t think you want to be apart of The Art of B Marketing Hub but want to get in on a few of the courses?

You can register and pay for the ones you want!


Do's and Don'ts of social media - how to grow an engaged following

How to work with the algorithms, deal with negative reviews, talking about trolls, and building up engagement with your following.

Expert guest: Ryan Lindsay owner of Adjunct Media Services

New to Alberta, Ryan brings a diverse media background from 20 years of agency life in Toronto. From a social perspective, he’s been hands on with launching Hawaii Tourism’s Canadian social channels, ‘pumping’ up a tire brand, and among others something about a sleeping giant… Experienced across all media types, his insights come from understanding the marketing landscape as a whole.

Speaking to your Ideal Client - How to find them

An in-depth overview of figuring out who your ideal client is and how to speak to them in a meaningful way. Revealing to you the secret in getting your ideal client to know like and trust your business.

Content Planning

What, when, and how to post your content. Inspiration on what to post while giving you the tools to stay consistent online while at the same time being able to run the day to day of your business .


Streamlining Business Processes

AUTOMATION, the apps and systems we love and how they can work for your business. These will streamline your sales funnel, client communication and content creation - and so much more!

Facebook Advertising

Showing you the ropes on how to make an effective ad that converts into Sales! What to spend, how to target and what to say - we will have you in front of your ideal clients in no time!

Expert Guest: Brian Dawes of Dawes Digital

Brian has studied marketing and copy writing and is an expert when it comes to lead generation and has a proven track record of success with many of the businesses he has worked with. Since 2017 Dawes Digital has been working with service based businesses to build done-for-you marketing and sales systems with the focus being solely to generate clients, leads, and revenue through predictable ad campaigns on social media and search platforms.

Selling yourself online and in person

How to close the deal. From funnel creation and organization to following up and closing. Talking to your ideal clients in a way that isn’t salesy. This is a must for growing your business.

Expert Guest Erinn Bosch of Mom Wears Hiking Boots Adventure Co,

Erinn is a self-employed Digital Marketing Specialist and Influencer who is committed to learning and improving her skill set.. Owner of she encourages people to take risks and enjoy life to its fullest potential through authentic sharing on her social media platforms.

Prior to becoming a mother to her three sons and foster daughter, Erinn spent many years working with at-risk youth. Upon becoming a full time stay at home mom, Erinn realized she could still help others through digital marketing while creating her own successful blog and website which continues to grow and evolve. Primarily, Erinn has a great deal of passion for working with small business owners, aiding in building content for their social media.


Creating photos & videos for your biz

What tools do you need to take quality photos and videos for your business and NOT break the bank. We will show you how you can create amazing photo and video content for your marketing.

Expert Guest: Michelle Gier owner of Michelle Gier Photography

Michelle Gier is a portrait + lifestyle photographer with a decade of experience in working with people + families. She specializes in children, couples and families but also enjoys capturing people and products in their work environments. Michelle has attended portrait and creative workshops to showcase new ideas and creative skills. She loves seeking out the best perspective for capturing a scene. Always has a positive attitude and enjoys chasing smiles, Michelle makes great connections and has clients feeling at ease in front of the camera.

Instagram 101

Did you know that Instagram has officially taken over Facebook when it comes to social media users? This is a must for your business and we want to help you create beautiful feeds and maximize this platform for growing your business.

Websites- how to make them generate leads for your business

Websites - you know you need one but do you know why you need one? It isn’t just to make your mark on the internet - it is to be a lead generation tool for growing your business. We will show you how.

Expert Guest: Lorraine Watson owner of Trisphere Consulting Inc.

Beyond being crazy for cats and a potato lover, Lorraine is a self-professed “left-brained creative big picture info nerd”. She brings a unique perspective to her work by blending together logic, intuition, creativity, and analysis in supporting businesses to get visible and grow their audience online. As an SEO and Analytics Specialist, Lorraine believes in a “people first” approach so her clients are seen as a searcher’s perfect solution rather than losing their voice trying to please search engines. A teacher at heart, Lorraine is often complimented on her ability to not only make SEO & analytics understandable, but a desirable investment and fun.


Email marketing 101

If you do not have an email list that you are using to grow your business you are missing out. Email marketing is you speaking to people who have signed up to hear what you have to say - this is your gold mine. We will walk you through setting up campaigns, organizing your lists and what to say to your people to get them to BUY.

How to use Pinterest to rock your business

The most overlooked social platform for growing your business - Pinterest is a hidden gem and we want to show you how to use it to your business’s benefit. This is going to blow your mind.

Going live - tips and tricks

Going LIVE gets your business in front of the most people organically. We want to help you maximize this and get over any fears that may be crossing your mind when you think about going live.