Goal Setting Part 2: Why your business needs to be setting goals

Now that we have talked about the guidelines for the types of goals you should be aiming for, we will discuss the importance of doing so.

If you missed our Goal Setting Part 1 - you can catch up here.

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5 Simple - Easy to digest reasons why you need to be setting goals for your business.

1. Rally The Troops

Consider what it would be like to have people backing you and supporting you, who know exactly where they need to help you and when to show up to do so. These people might be family members, employees or investors. Whoever they are, if they can see where you intend to steer your ship, they can help you achieve that.

By deciding on your goal, and declaring it to others, you will gain support and help along the way, which moves you quicker to the finish line with fewer detours or accidents.


when rallying the troops: having clear goals declared and shared will help keep employees on task, and therefore more productive with their jobs. Talk about money well spent! As they will be working towards what really matters, not just passing the time on their shifts.

2. Achieve what you want, or NEED, faster

How great does financial freedom sound, right? To be set financially and just live the dream…


Or, maybe just making the rent payment or bill payments in full this month for your business sounds like the best day ever.

Well, with setting goals, you are more likely to achieve what you want and NEED faster.

John Hattie’s book “Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn“ shows that during a study, students were proven to learn up to 250% faster when difficult goals were set than when they were merely told, “to do their best.” Imagine that for yourself and your business - setting goals that can help you achieve what you want, or NEED, faster.

What are we waiting for???

3. From “What” to “HOW”

Setting goals helps you change your focus. Rather than merely going with the flow, you now have made your mind aware of what you need. The amazing thing about our minds – and science proves this - is that when we give it something to focus on, it will automatically begin looking for more of that thing.

So, in regards to achieving goals, you set the goal you want to achieve and then become focused on achieving these goals. Your mind will begin to seek out MORE solutions and ways to make that happen. You become solution focused and will therefore find a solution more rapidly and more efficiently, than if you just go with the flow of life!

Let your amazing mind do what it’s wired for! Allow your mind to find the solutions!

4. Time Management and Decision Making

As business owners, we always need more time, don’t we? With goal setting, you can create more time. You no longer have to sprint from task to task. Instead, you line up what is a priority with your goal, and you ditch the rest. You might love watching TV in bed at the end of your day, but if your goal is getting out of debt by a certain day, you might instead choose to read about creating budgets, in order to be more in line with your priority of getting out of debt.

"Does this line up with my priority and what I'm working towards?" becomes a lot easier to answer when you have clearly decided what you want.

Every baby step counts. Never doubt that what you’re doing won’t make a difference. It does.

5. Sense of Purpose

Knowing WHY you wanted to get into business is always great to reflect back on. Sometimes we get too far away from these reasons because life can distract us or beat us down with burdens. But goal setting can help you stay on track and stand firmer in your “WHY.” Goal setting can connect you (or reconnect you) to your sense of purpose.

Business should always be fulfilling and fun. It should add to your life more than it takes away from it.

Take a look at what you want - short term and long term, then set the appropriate goals. You will change your life and your business for the better when you start to implement goal setting into your life.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else”. – Yogi Berra