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We have a large network of business besties and we wanted to introduce you to some of them. We LOVE collaboration and working with others so we asked a few of our buds to share a bit of their story, and give YOU, our readers some valuable advice they have learned from their experiences as business owners. Let us know below what you think!

Meet Candisse and Breanna of Envious Events

Tell me a bit about what you do and why!

People think that planning events is simple & easy. They don't realize that to have a successful event there is a lot of important key factors that you need to be aware of. The perfect example is a Market; Sure its easy to find a space, and get the vendors. But if patrons don't show up then is the event a success? No. Those who don't plan events regularly don't account for the outside costs like; marketing/advertising, table/chair rentals, permit costs, and so much more.

We strive to ensure that EVERY event we coordinate never misses out on the important factors - from weddings to charity events, community events to corporate parties - we will make sure that they are ALL a success, and leave everyone who attends feeling a little envious.

How did you get started in business?


I was working in a corporate/charitable organization where my role went from being a youth ambassador and planning local events for youth to attend to then being the lead on conferences for the organization that were province-wide, western Canada wide, and then Canada-wide. Due to some unfortunate happenings I was basically forced to quit my position with them. I then found myself wondering "What am I going to do now?!" because being unemployed wasn't really a planned thing. I loved my job - planning these events for the organization was fun work for me. How many people can say that?! So after some major soul searching, talking to friends and family the idea to be an event coordinator arose. This isn't a job that you typically find out there in job postings (trust me, I looked...a lot) so then it just happened - I decided the best way to go about it was to start my own company! Envious Events was then born...

About 4 years ago Breanna joined the business - her mom had been a part of some of the event I coordinated, and so one day I just said "sure, lets meet her!" . From there it was the perfect connection. We understood each other in a way that is so important when running a business. She has her strengths, I have mine - we truly complimented each other, it was kind of creepy in the beginning to be honest.

Two years ago we took the leap and incorporated the business. Making us equals in the company, and since doing so we have seen some great success and growth. We couldn't be happier and more excited on where our company is going next!

Top 5 Tips in running a successful business

1. Scheduling - When you put EVERYTHING into your schedule you can ensure that you get all your tasks done in a timely manner, plus you might event gain some extra hours in the day when you stick to the schedule.

2. Support those who support you! - Of course its ALWAYS good to support local when you can. However, when you spend so much time and effort on supporting locally but never really see that support coming back to you...it's time to find those who do! Doesn't mean you can't personally support those you wish to, it just doesn't have to be your business.


3. Be YOU! - For those that know us, I (Candisse) am in a wheelchair. I used to really worry that if people knew this about me or my business beforehand then they were going to be less likely to book our services. However, after 8 years of being in business it has become very obvious that it doesn't matter. People are booking with us because we offer professional, friendly, fun and reliable services. Plus, I (Candisse) have come to believe that if you don't want to work with us, then we don't want to work with you - we're awesome, so it's their loss! ;)

4. Keep Learning - you will never know everything with your business. Be it new social media processes, to changing trends in the industry, to better business methods. There is always room to grow and knowledge to better you - do it. Investing in your business to educate yourself in new information is something that you will for sure see a return on investment with.

5. Never Give Up - I know they say never, say never but in this case its true! There have been times where I have questioned if all of this hard work, time, money, and effort are what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Then I read this business blog post where it stated (and don't quote me on this) that it takes an average of 3 - 5 years of being in business before you will be successful. That seems like forever right?! I swear its true though, it wasn't until about 3 years ago - which would be the 5 year back - that the company finally started to really gain traction and its only be on the incline since then. So...NEVER GIVE UP!


Anyone who likes a party! Haha - kidding, sort of!

Actually though....our ideal client is:

AGE: mid 20’s-60’s

INCOME: Middle to Upper Class groups. Those who have budget but are willing to pay for quality work.

TYPES OF CLIENT(S): Newly engaged couples, couples celebrating milestone anniversaries, corporations looking to free up employees currently planning work functions, businesses looking to celebrate grand openings/anniversaries etc.

Fun Facts:

Where are you from? High River / Millarville

What is your favourite animal? Boston Terrier / Penguins

Something that’s on your bucket list? Parasailing / Get a Tattoo

Are you a coffee or tea or something else sort of person? We both like tea but be both LOVE something else ;)


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