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We have a large network of business besties and we wanted to introduce you to some of them. We LOVE collaboration and working with others so we asked a few of our buds to share a bit of their story, and give YOU, our readers some valuable advice they have learned from their experiences as business owners. Let us know below what you think!

Meet Edward of Edward Campbell Studio Inc.

Tell me a bit about what you do and why!

I love visual engagement. I consider myself a visual individual.

I believe that words stay with you, but a visual will make your mind spin by recalling moments, experiences, like awakening things from within. Shaping and Delivering ideas in visual mediums like photo manipulated graphics, illustrations, videos, can help tell the story or idea that a client or product needs.

Advice for generating Ideas:

Everything comes from an idea. The what if? Question.

Allow yourself to play and wonder without limit.

An idea is as good as the size of the dream and the level of execution.

How did you get started in business?

As a curious child, I started playing with drawings and creating landscapes for my high-school projects. I was already a dancer by that time, but I didn't have a clue about what profession I was going to dedicate my life when I finish school. I was very interested in drawing and dancing breaking.

I have got introduced to Graphic Design by one of my good friends and neighbors at my 17 years old.

One year after, I decided to let myself go with the things I liked, and I got enrolled in Graphic Design School at the University of Panama.

Edward Campbell

Right away find a Job and got my first Advertising Agency Experience in a small place called Suma Click, which kept all my attention and gave me the lights of how to pursue Design Career as a living. In the journey of getting knowledge about different areas you could specialize this career, I also worked for Off-set Printshop, a Concert / Event Company called Show Pro.

Until I applied for other daily Job Position as a Senior Graphic Designer into one of the biggest advertising agencies of Panama City, called Cerebro Young and Rubicam working for Colgate Palmolive Team.

This experience of almost three years carves my skills in developing concepts, key visuals, storyboards, branding, animation, and video editing. Had the chance to meet two mentors that stay with you and in your visual perspective.

Simultaneously, I always used my extra time to generate more design projects after the daily job for my clients if I wasn't practicing dance. Dance is something I ever shared with my brother since childhood and turned out to be that we both love the same arts.

We started a small company called FlavAds an excellent opportunity to Art Direct projects. We created Logos, video, animations, and graphics for a year and a half.

The journey took me into other Ad Agencies like CR8 and the last one but not least, J. Walter Thompson Panama.

This place gave me the greatest Joy and the opportunity to meet another mentor, the Art Director Nemesis Cabaniel, who coached me to co-support the team with Art Direction and creative.

Life change, and I moved to Calgary to live with my wife.

I decided to let myself go with my passions and do it so hard that it will take me where I needed to be.

Had the consistency to keep dreaming about the art living and open my shop, Edward Campbell Studio Inc. in Calgary.

Since we start, we have been developing great projects for such amazing clients who believe in my background, creative, and visual expertize for their business models.

Feel very honored to help them achieve their goals and needs.

Expert tip from Edward

Identity doesn't come by following other people business models.

Identify your niche. Allow yourself to do Introspective on your doing, your manners, the way your product behaves or how the company delivers.

That's a fundamental process of building a brand.

Top 5 Tips in running a successful business

• Be Honest:

I believe that giving trust creates a great relationship.

• Do your homework:

Study new techniques, new ways of creating or delivering.

An evolving mindset that generates an environment of innovation comes from research.

• Be Positive:

Doing business, it's scary and stressful in moments. Keeping a positive mindset towards the goal to be achieved produced amazing results and impact on work delivery. Best Reward.

• Don't be Afraid to roll up your sleeves and problem solve.

• Procrastination is your number one enemy:

Check, double check, and triple check your to-do list. You can change the plan but not the goal.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal clients are the ones who believe in value.

They dream big; they have their mission and visions clear.

They let us help inspire customers with their products and companies.

The ones who see value in my visual expertize by appreciating and respecting the trust - work ethic.

Delivering together as a team quality and functionality to build the same trust towards the products and their customers.

Fun Facts:

Where are you from? Panama, Republic of Panama

What is your favourite animal? giraffe

Something that’s on your bucket list? Inspire people every day. Want to create a design shop in a Beach.

Are you a coffee or tea or something else sort of person? I like coffee and tea to start the motor brain. Once goals are achieved a good beer is the best reward. Oh, I'm also passionate about chocolate cookies.


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