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We have a large network of business besties and we wanted to introduce you to some of them. We LOVE collaboration and working with others so we asked a few of our buds to share a bit of their story, and give YOU, our readers some valuable advice they have learned from their experiences as business owners. Let us know below what you think!

Meet Giovana of My Cats And Me

Tell me a bit about what you do and why!

All things Finance! I love numbers and how they’re an universal language. Being bi-lingual myself, I find in numbers the best way to convey a story. Xx

How did you get started in business?

I always have been fascinated with numbers. When in college for hotel management and hospitality, I always gravitated to "back-office" internships. That's when I learned about how business numbers tell you a story. It was fascinating! I moved to the U.S.A. about 5 years ago and started working as an Office Manager and Bookkeeper - it felt like everything started falling into place.

Giovana’s words of wisdom

Numbers are not scary - planning is not frightening. I feel that most creative minds want to focus on the creative aspect of the business and forget about a lot of foundations of a successful and sustainable business. And don't be a "Jane-of-all-trades," learn to ask for help. My goal is always to communicate to my clients what their business financial story in a way they can understand and use that story to write the future of their business. That goes from simply cleaning up their books to helping with tax planning and, yes, paying yourself!

Top 5 Tips in running a successful business

  • Be Organized

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Create/follow checklists

  • Ask for help

  • Share your genius

  • Be Brave

Who is your ideal client?

Creatives and Entrepreneurs that have a steady business, but little understanding of their business finances - if their business is profitable or not; can they escalate; are they ready to hire/outsource; are they taking advantage of tax breaks.

Fun Facts:

Where are you from? Brazil

What is your favourite animal? Cats!

Something that’s on your bucket list? A trip to Hawaii

Are you a coffee or tea or something else sort of person? Wine ;)

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