Words Of Advice From A Fellow Entrepreneur - Barn and Petal

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We have a large network of business besties and we wanted to introduce you to some of them. We LOVE collaboration and working with others so we asked a few of our buds to share a bit of their story, and give YOU, our readers some valuable advice they have learned from their experiences as business owners. Let us know below what you think!


Meet Kristen with Barn and Petal

Kristen makes BEAUTIFUL watercolour art and we have a slight obsession with her business…

Where can we find you online?

Instagram is best! @barnandpetal


Share with me how you got started doing what you do?

I realized I spent to much trying to "relax" and watch TV, yet I never felt relaxed at all! I decided I needed something else to do to wind down. On a whim one day I picked up some cheap art supplies at the dollar store and went home and painted all afternoon. I kept painting everyday and eventually replaced my cheap paint with some professional products. I started sharing my paintings on my personal instagram page and I always had people requesting to purchase them. So I just went for it one day and created a dedicated instagram page, and Etsy shop! I have no sales experience, so learning to paint and learning to sell is all happening at the same time.

Share a bit about what you do, maybe an expert tip, some advice, anything to give me a better idea about YOU and your business!

I want to create an experience for the person ordering a painting from me, so I put a lot of personal and pretty touches into my wrapping of my paintings and usually including a handwritten note to the buyer thanking them for their business.

Your top tips for being better in your business

  • Typically I try to paint everyday

  • I try to post or engage on instagram daily

  • Most important is I try to create friendships with other online businesses. I think its a great way to stand out by being friendly with everyone you meet, including online.


Who is your ideal client?

The girly girl who loves feminine soft decor, the nature loving art collector, people who appreciate original paintings


Fun Facts

Where are you from?

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Whats your favourite animal?

My dog Zoey, she is a teacup morkie. I'm obsessed with her!

Something that's on your bucket list?

Travel all across North America in my RV

Are you a coffee or tea or something else sort of person?

I love my Tim Hortons in the morning!


Want to see more of Kristen’s work?

Check out Barn and Petal’s Etsy Shop, use the code FIVEOFF before Aug 31, 2019 and get $5 OFF a beautiful piece for your home or office!

If you happen to order PLEEEEASE share your purchase with us (in the comments here or tag us on instagram @theartofb.ca) as we love her work so much and want to see ways you have incorporated it into your home or office!