Programs We Could NOT Live without - Streamlining Your Business With The Art of B

We get so much use out of these programs + apps and use them EVERY - SINGLE - DAY, we knew we needed to share them with you... Get ready to have your mind blown and your business streamlined!

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Are you ready???

#1 Dubsado 

If you are a business that focuses on lead generation and has a need for a sales funnel, uses forms of any type, sends out invoices, books appointments, sends out proposals, needs something for your client management... this is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD! We rave about Dubsado to everyone we can because this literally is the backbone to our business. You can check out Dubsado HERE - this will also get you 30% off if you fall in love with it too. Our code is: ohyeah

#2: GSuite 

We LOVE everything about GSuite, how it is cloud-based, how we can manage our whole team, domains, emails, calendars, create spreadsheets, word documents, access our Google Drive and so much more.

#3: Canva 

We like to make things as easy as possible over here at The Art of B, Canva allows for us to do just that. Yes, we also use Adobe and Photoshop, but for client work that we think will eventually be passed back to the client to do themselves or something we are wanting more eves on from the inside - Canva is our go-to. There is a free and pro option for you to pick what is best for the needs of your business.

#4: Planoly 

We very much believe that social media posting needs to be consistently posted, strategically planned and posted with a purpose. Planoly allows us to batch create our Instagram content, schedule it for auto posting, add in the appropriate hashtags, see the analytics and data, and with the grid preview feature it helps is to make sure that our grid is looking pretty and consistent with our posting style. The free version will work for most businesses allowing for you to plan out 30 posts per month.

#5: RecurPost 

With Facebook only showing your content to 2% of the people who like your Facebook Business Page we were looking for ways to make the most out of our posts. We put a lot of thought into them and it ticks us off that all of the people who actually like our page aren't getting to see the content we are sharing. It is hard enough to get the likes!!! RecurPost allows for our posts to be recycled and reposted - we beef up our content for about 6 months and then it will recirculate - we are constantly adding to it but like that we are always able to post consistently if we happen to get overloaded with client projects. The free version of this will likely work for you, and the pricing is reasonable should you need to upgrade.

#6: Acuity 

We are booking consultations all the time, we have recently made the switch from Calendly to Acuity. All of our clients who hire us for our web design services are able to get this for free - we make sure our clients are set up for success in every way we can. With so many different integrations into this robust scheduling platform - we had to make the switch.

#7: ConvertKit 

Our email marketing platform of choice - the platform used by all of the big boys, and girls in the business. You likely are using MailChimp - we were too, until they forced us to pay to keep our automations... we decided to make the switch and guess what - Convertkit is CHEAPER and WAAAAAY more awesome. Like being able to have seriously targeted campaigns within campaigns - add tags, and get a bajillion times better open rate for your subscribers sort of awesome. 

If you are wanting to make the switch over to any of the above MUST HAVES we can help, if you have any questions - ask away!

Are you using any of the above for your business? Tell us what you think below!