A Marketing Expert's Top 3 Tips: For Going Live on Social Media

So, you are wanting to go live on a social platform, we know you know how much Facebook and Instagram LOVE it when you do, but do you know how to make the most of going live?

We have put together this quick tip sheet for you to check out and see if you are on the right track, if this is something you are doing already then way to go!!! If you are wanting a deeper explanation, or some of the reasoning for why we said what we did below - you will have an opportunity to download our full “Going Live” doc at the bottom of the page.


Tip #1: Setting the scene

Things to consider

  • Lighting

  • Backdrop

  • Background Noise

  • Video Frame

Tip #2: The Caption

This needs to stand out

Tip #3: And Action!

You are rolling!

  • Do not sit for a while with dead space waiting for people to hop on

  • Start off introducing yourself and your business

  • Have talking points above your phone so you can glance at them for REFERENCE

  • Stare into the camera - not at yourself

  • Talk on your live like you are talking to one person

  • Keep your lives short and sweet if you are just starting out and gaining interest, we RECOMMEND no more than 3 mins to start.

  • Use your hands, use facial expressions, even props!

Do you want the rest of this document filled with MORE tips for going live and explaining these ones in more detail?

Before you even think of a name for your business - know who your ideal client is.

BEFORE you start the marketing process for your business, take some time to think about who you are wanting to serve, what problems are you solving for them, what is going to set you apart from other businesses that do what you do?

From this point on EVERYTHING you are going to be creating is going to be something that will appeal to THEM. This is a tough one to swallow at times, your business isn’t about you - it is about who you want to sell to.

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